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RTW line here we come!

Our Ready to Wear (RTW) line is officially in the works.  We'll use Horween Leather...oldest Tannery in the USA...check them out here.  Loving the colors - primarily black and brown with loden (green), ink (blue) and lollipop (red) sprinkled in for FUN.  Our RTW line is going to be made in Spain.   Samples of some of the line and our leather colors below - let me know what you think! My favorite fact of the line up:  The clean & simple stitch pattern on the tall boot was made by Henry Rodermund back before WWI - he was a bootmaker in San Angelo, Texas, my hometown.  Tex Robbins, a famous Texas bootmaker, noted in a bootmaker forum that Rodermund was San Angelo's first bootmaker.  Legit. PS - our custom boots are still sellin' and still Made in Texas